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Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) mainly allow users to access a computer at another place via the Internet from a given location using a safe and secure connection.

You want to access your office's PC from your home or with your notebook?
You want to do it in a safe way? Then VPN is the answer.

Creating such a connection is not as easy as it may sound, it requires quite thorough knowledge of networking technology and a very carefully planned topological concept.
Because we use this technology every day, we can answer all kind of questions related to it (or VPNs) to the best of our abilities!

Instead of describing a situation, we recommend to simulate one with your help:

We use a software tool (click here to download it or there for TeamViewer) in order to let you and us be securely connected via the Internet. It does NOT need an installation:
Simply save i-vnc (or TeamViewer8) onto your desktop and start it. Then call or e-mail us.

As long as i-vnc is running, we can connect ourselfs to your computer and have a little talk. When you stop i-vnc, we loose all connections to your computer... until you re-launch i-vnc!