Microswiss Computer Consultants

"YOU have hard- or software problems... WE have the solutions."

You want to create a new web site?
Is it possible to upgrade/modify an existing site?
Do you have a hosting service or intend to?

For all these kinds of questions, we will gladly help you.

From simple home pages, to more complexes sites with databases and shopping functionality, our know-how is covering most of the web applications. Java, PHP and ASP are the scripting languages we currently use.

The artistic layouting is left to our customers: we can propose a design, or help you to find an artist/designer.
Generally, we take care of the technical aspect of a web site and we (or you) delegate the artistic tasks to other specialists.

For simplier projects, we have many tools and methods which enable us to create a nice and functional web site in a very short time for an affordable price.

Lets be surprised!

Some examples